Disaster Committee - "Shipwrecked" - 12" vinyl record

Image of Disaster Committee - "Shipwrecked" - 12" vinyl record


12" record pressed on 150g color vinyl. Includes 5"x5" sticker, digital download and paper record topper.

Recorded at their practice space by Our Death Records and funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, "Shipwrecked" is the first full length record from this Newark, Delaware punk rock band. This follow up to their 2012 self titled EP brings even more energy, a fuller sound and a second guitarist.

1. Puppet Show
2. Home Invasion
3. Shipwrecked
4. Bandwagon
5. Preaching to the Choir

1. Game Over
2. Headless Execs
3. Idiocracy
4. Burning Bridges
5. See You at the Show
6. Fight Now